Science Education (MAT)

Degree: Masters Degrees

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For students with a background in the sciences or closely related fields but not yet holding T-4 teacher certification, coursework leading to certification in a Secondary Science field (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Earth/Space Science, grades 6-12) can be pursued at the graduate level as part of this master's degree option. This degree program consists of 36 semester hours of coursework, plus fieldwork and related enrollments usually totalling another 18 hours (this can be achieved in a variety of contexts). This program presumes an undergraduate major in a core science area (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology) or a nearly equivalent coursework background. Those with degrees in other science-related fields (e.g., Agricultural Sciences, Exercise Science, Allied Health Sciences) may need to do additional core science coursework at the advanced undergraduate level before beginning Science Education courses.


College of Education
Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7101
Phone: 706/542-6446

Academic Department

Mathematics and Science Education
212 Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7124
Phone: 706/542-4194


Graduate Coordinator

Andrew Izsak


Recognized as a national research leader in the fields of mathematics and science education, this department combines the expertise of its internationally known faculty with the energy and innovation of its rising young scholars. The Science Education Program is committed to improving science curriculum and instruction at all levels, preschool through college and beyond. The program is determined to expand knowledge of teaching and learning, to disseminate this knowledge and to put existing knowledge to use in various educational settings.



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