Business Administration: Real Estate (PhD)

Degree: Doctoral Degrees

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Thank you for your interest in the Ph.D. of the Terry College of Business. The Ph.D. program emphasizes the development of research and teaching skills. In order to fully develop these skills in our students, we intentionally keep these programs rather small in terms of the number of students admitted. This size allows for the close, long-term interaction between faculty and students that we think is critical for the students' professional development. Because this student-faculty interaction is essential, these programs are designed and carried out within individual departments of the Terry College. This means that coursework, research projects, and teaching assignments are under the direction of the faculty within a particular department. The program is individually planned with each student by his/her major professor and advisory committee. The student and the committee evaluate previous work and designate sufficient coursework to provide the necessary proficiency to do research and teach in a chosen field of specialization. The Ph.D. Degree in the Terry College of Business trains individuals for teaching and research in universities, colleges, government and business.


Terry College of Business
Brooks Hall
Athens, GA 30602-6260
Phone: 706/542-8100

Academic Department

Insurance, Legal Studies and Real Estate
206 Brooks Hall
Athens, GA 30602-6255
Phone: 706/542-4290


Graduate Coordinator

Carolyn Dehring


The Ph.D. program in real estate is designed to prepare students for teaching and research at universities and colleges and for positions in government and business. Students are encouraged to individualize their programs by supplementing courses with other programs in the Terry College of Business. The student has choices in the direction and concentration of his or her desired specialty. A graduate student can combine their program with law, economics, quantitative methods, finance, management, marketing, or accounting. This flexibility gives the student a wide degree of latitude in choosing a program that corresponds with a specific career path.

Students are encouraged to obtain a strong background in financial theory, as well as to develop comprehensive research methodology skills. To complete the Ph.D. degree, a student must write a dissertation which demonstrates the ability to conduct original research in a particular discipline.

The specialized curriculum, involvement in research, and opportunities for teaching experience while at the University of Georgia, lead to excellent employment possibilities.



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