Nonprofit Organizations (MA)

Degree: Masters Degrees

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The School of Social Work co-sponsors the Institute for Nonprofit Organizations. The institute offers the M.A. degree in nonprofit organizations.


School of Social Work
Tucker Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7016
Phone: 706/542-5463

Academic Department

School of Social Work
Tucker Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7016
Phone: 706/542-3364


Graduate Coordinator

Harold Briggs


The Institute for Nonprofit Organizations provides an interdisciplinary group of graduate teaching, research, and service programs at UGA that focus upon improving the leadership and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations.

The Institute offers an array of opportunities for students, professionals, and scholars of nonprofit organizations as well as those seeking careers in them. It prepares students with knowledge and skills necessary for careers in nonprofit organizations, and it develops and disseminates knowledge to strengthen the effectiveness of those already in leadership positions. Want to learn more? Click on Admissions, MNPO - Program Overview, or Nonprofit Community, or search via Google.



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