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The Master of Laws program offers an individually fashioned program of coursework in U.S. Law for qualified graduates of non-U.S. law schools.

Students who wish to apply for the LL.M. Program must hold a degree equivalent to the JD from a recognized foreign law school and have completed the educational requirements to be admitted to practice law in a country other than the U.S. Further, applicants from non-English speaking countries must possess a high level of proficiency in English as demonstrated on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Each student's record of legal studies must display high scholarly aptitude, and the information required in the LLM application form must reflect a well-conceived plan of study. For additional information and applications, please write: LL.M. Program, School of Law, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 30602-6012 or consult the LL.M. web page


School of Law
Hirsch Hall
Athens, GA 30602-6012
Phone: 706/542-5211

Academic Department

Graduate Legal Studies
School of Law
Athens, GA 30602-6012
Phone: 706/542-5211


Graduate Coordinator

Paul B. Rollins


The LL.M. degree is awarded upon the successful completion of 24 semester hours in an academic year. The academic year consists of a fall semester of 15 weeks, beginning in the second half of August, and a spring semester of 15 weeks, commencing in the second half of January. Enrollment during the summer term may be allowed in special circumstances.

LL.M. candidates may opt for the All-Courses track in which case their program will consist of course offerings, or candidates may elect to follow the LL.M. Essay track, substituting the LL.M. Essay for six semester credit hours of courses.

Message from the Director:
Paul B. Rollins

We welcome your interest in the Graduate Legal Studies Program at the University of Georgia School of Law. Our LL.M. Program gives students the freedom to select courses from the law school’s expansive curriculum. LL.M. students may choose a curriculum which emphasizes the classroom or one in which research and writing is more prominent.

The program offers the advantage of intensive study of the major subject areas of the law of the United States, including legal research and writing designed specifically for graduates of foreign law schools.

One of the principal attractions of the UGA Law School is the friendly and informal interchange between the faculty and both J.D. and LL.M. students. Moreover, the LL.M. students, who come from around the world, have many opportunities to interact among themselves and with the J.D. students, all of whom have studied at various colleges and universities in the United States before entering the School of Law.



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