Foods and Nutrition (PhD)

Degree: Doctoral Degrees

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We are a developing department with special strengths in human and biochemical nutrition; obesity and diabetes; nutrition and bone health; dietetics and food quality and safety.


College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Dawson Hall
Athens, GA 30602-3622
Phone: 706/542-4879

Academic Department

Foods and Nutrition
Dawson Hall
Athens, GA 30602-3632
Phone: 706/542-4869


Graduate Coordinator

Mary Ann Johnson


The objective of our program is to prepare students to function as nutrition professionals, to meet changing needs of society and industry, and to generate scholarly work in the areas of foods and nutrition. Graduates are placed in a variety of dietetics positions as well as research positions with universities, medical schools, federal laboratories, and industry. The primary emphasis of the program is the scientific basis for diversity in the human needs for foods and nutrients, the metabolic responses to dietary change, and the interactions among genetics, nutrients and food consumption patterns on human health and well being.

The Ph.D. program is broadly defined so as to allow research and detailed study in any one of a wide range of topics within the area of foods and nutrition. Strong emphasis is placed on individual study and research.



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