Kinesiology (MS-Non Thesis)

Degree: Masters Degrees

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The M.S.-nonthesis programs in the Department of Kinesiology provide the opportunity for advanced study related to exercise science, physical education, and sport management and policy. Specialized professional programs are available in athletic training, clinical exercise physiology, general exercise science, pedagogy, motor behavior, and sport management and policy.


College of Education
Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7101
Phone: 706/542-6446

Academic Department

115 Ramsey Student Center
Athens, GA 30602-6554
Phone: 706/542-4378


Graduate Coordinator

Michael Schmidt


The mission of the kinesiology graduate programs in the department is to educate students, conduct research, and provide public service related to exercise science, physical education, and sport management and policy. The graduate programs in the department are dedicated to studying and developing new knowledge related to physical activity in its many forms, including exercise for improvement of health and physical fitness, activities of daily living, work, sport, dance, and play in a variety of groups, including special populations such children and the elderly; persons with disability, injury or disease; and athletes. The causes and consequences of physical activity are examined from different perspectives that apply knowledge, methods of inquiry, and principles from traditional areas of study in the biological, behavioral and physical sciences. An interdisciplinary approach involving several of these areas is often used in addressing problems of importance to society. Students in the kinesiology graduate programs are prepared for a variety of careers involving teaching, research, and delivery of services related to physical activity and fitness, health promotion, coaching, sport management, and rehabilitation and sports medicine in a variety of settings including schools, colleges and universities, public and private agencies, clinical environments, government, business and the military.



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