Economics (PhD)

Degree: Doctoral Degrees

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According to its mission statement, the University of Georgia "endeavors to prepare the university community and the state for full participation in the global society of the twenty first century." The Department of Economics plays an essential role in this mission, not only because it provides a necessary foundation for business education, but also because it is a core discipline and, as such, an integral part of a well-rounded, liberal education. The department strives to promote high-quality research and scholarship, and to provide students with an excellent education in economics as a foundation for general understanding of the world, successful undertaking of business endeavors, and advanced studies and research.
We also offer an MA degree; however, we do not have an independently operating terminal MA program. The MA curriculum is exactly the same as that corresponding to the first year of the PhD program. Consequently, our typical MA recipient is someone who enters the graduate program as a prospective doctoral student, but later decides against pursuing the PhD.


Terry College of Business
Brooks Hall
Athens, GA 30602-6260
Phone: 706/542-8100

Academic Department

535 Brooks Hall
Athens, GA 30602-6254
Phone: 706/542-3569


Graduate Coordinator

John L. Turner


Our PhD program provides in-depth, rigorous training in economic theory and econometrics and prepares students for careers in research, teaching and consulting in academia, private industry and government. The program offers fields specialization in econometrics, industrial organization, international economics, monetary/macro economics, public economics and labor economics, and also has strengths in productivity analysis and economic history.



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