Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy (PhD)

Degree: Doctoral Degrees

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The department includes the general areas of pharmacy administration, pharmacy practice, and experimental therapeutics. The synergy of these areas provides the means for pharmacy professionals to integrate and apply all prior course material to the identification and assessment of patient problems, collecting and utilizing patient information, developing solutions to patientsí drug related problems, selecting and recommending therapies and appropriate follow up to assess outcomes. The program in experimental therapeutics provides opportunities for basic clinical and pharmacological research. Integral to these areas the department also teaches and explores the economic, social, behavioral and political aspects of developing and providing pharmacy care services. These areas of study prepare the student to address the complex socio-political and therapeutic challenges associated with ethical drug use in our society.

Mission Statement

The department seeks to provide students with the knowledge and problem solving skills needed to deliver pharmaceutical care. The department is committed to improving the quality and relevance of its program to the contemporary practice of pharmacy. These efforts are aimed at advancing the profession of pharmacy and the provision of health care services to improve patient health outcomes.


College of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Building
Athens, GA 30602-2351
Phone: 706/542-1914

Academic Department

Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy
Pharmacy Building
Athens, GA 30602-2354
Phone: 706/542-7230


Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Randall Tackett


Clinical and administrative pharmacy includes the general areas of pharmacy care administration and clinical and experimental therapeutics. Pharmacy care administration is the study of the economic, social, behavioral, and political aspects of pharmaceutical services. It is an interdisciplinary program which may contain elective concentration of courses in business, psychology, statistics, political science, and other disciplines which impact on ethical drug issues. The program prepares the student to address the complex socio-political problems relating to ethical drug consumption, manufacturing, distribution, and payment mechanisms.

Clinical and experimental therapeutics is a multi-disciplinary program which involves the investigation of disease processes and the therapeutic regimens in their treatment. Current areas of interest include diseases of the cardiovascular system, learning and memory, immunology, and renal diseases. Additionally, the efficacy of therapeutic regimens in special populations (e.g. geriatric, women, minority) are also of interest. The graduate program is designed to develop competencies in clinical and experimental therapeutics which is translational between the basic, applied and clinical settings.



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