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The Department of Classics offers Masters of Art degrees in Latin, Greek, and classical languages, a combination of both Latin and Greek. Our students have won numerous competitive scholarships and other awards and have gone on to excellent jobs in many careers, including teaching at the primary and secondary school levels, and to Ph.D. programs at prestigious universities.

The Department of Classics has worked hard to create graduate programs that are attractive to students with varying goals and effective in helping them to further their career objectives. The M.A. program provides students with a firm grounding in the classical world, with particular emphasis on the linguistic, historical, archaeological and interpretative skills necessary for engaging it. The program draws candidates from all over the United States and generally enrolls 12-15 students during the academic year and an additional 12-15 in our Summer Institute, a program designed for high school Latin teachers who want to earn an M.A. in Latin during the summers.


Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Old College
Athens, GA 30602-1732
Phone: 706/542-3400

Academic Department

Park Hall
Athens, GA 30602-6203
Phone: 706/542-9264


Graduate Coordinator

Naomi J. Norman


Graduate work is offered in Greek, Latin, or classical languages leading to a Master of Arts degree. Requirements for the degree include 28 hours of course work, exclusive of thesis, of which 12 hours must be in the major language for the degree in Latin or Greek, or 18 hours in Greek and Latin (for the degree in classical languages), and the remainder in any of a variety of courses in Greek, Latin, classical civilization, ancient history, archaeology, art, philosophy, linguistics, or other related areas, to be chosen in consultation with the department. All candidates complete a thesis related to their degree program and must pass both a reading list exam based on a list of readings in ancient authors and modern criticism and an oral examination on their thesis. All candidates must also demonstrate a reading knowledge of German, French, or Italian.

Master's candidates in classical languages may apply for admission to any of the University's doctoral programs in comparative literature, linguistics, art history, or philosophy. The University's College of Education provides courses that may be taken simultaneously with those in classical languages to obtain teacher certification (in Georgia, Certificates T-5, T-6 and D-7). The MEd, EdS, and PhD degrees in language education/Latin are also available.

Graduate credit is offered for summer semester participation in the University of Georgia Classics Studies Abroad Program in Rome.

Several teaching and non-teaching assistantships are available; application deadline is January 1.

All degrees, except the PhD and MA degrees in Greek and classical languages, may be earned on a summers-only basis; Latin teachers from out of state are awarded tuition waivers, reducing fees to the in-state level.



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