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The University of Georgia offers a graduate Certificate in Computer Systems Engineering (CSE). This multidisciplinary program emphasizes not only computer hardware and software but also how to use computers to automate, monitor and control various systems. The CSE program prepares the graduate to analyze the system from a perspective of the hardware and software. The graduate with the CSE certificate will be able to interface existing electronic and microprocessor based components to solve a problem. These graduates must be knowledgeable in computer hardware and software and be able to work in a team environment. They must be able to communicate and function across the disciplines of electrical engineering, computer engineering and computer science.


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The objective of the program is to develop scholars with a theoretical and practical understanding of computer science and engineering systems. Students successfully completing the requirements for this certificate are expected to have:

A fundamental understanding of computer science and engineering systems
The necessary knowledge and skills to pursue further graduate work or employment in computer systems engineering
The background to use microelectronics, microprocessors, and software to solve problems in engineering systems
The knowledge and motivation to continue lifelong learning in engineering and computer science
The certificate requires at least 18 semester hours of course work in engineering and computer science. The requirements include at least 15 semester hours in engineering and computer science electives and a 3-hour CSE design course. The 15 semester hours of engineering and computer science electives must be outside the studentís major department and approved by the studentís CSE advisor. Design is the heart of the practice of engineering and is what separates it from its sister disciplines. The engineering design component unites engineering and computer science into computer systems engineering. With a large number of electives available, the student may tailor the program to meet his or her needs. Thus, the program will likely be attractive to students with a variety of interests.

Individuals being awarded the CSE certificate will primarily be either computer science graduates or engineering graduates. The computer science graduates will benefit from electrical and electronic systems courses offered in engineering. They will have a greater appreciation and understanding of electronics and computer hardware. The engineering graduates with the CSE certificate will have a greater understanding of computer software development.

The graduate certificate program in CSE is designed to give graduate students the opportunity to document their educational achievement at the interface of engineering and computer science. The program will be open to all UGA graduate students but will be of special interest to students who wish to combine both a theoretical and practical understanding of computer science and engineering systems.

The CSE program has a director and a steering committee consisting of two faculty members from each department. The current director is Dr. Ron McClendon, email address:, (Biological and Agricultural Engineering).



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