Art Education (EdS)

Degree: Education Specialist Degrees

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The primary purpose of the program is to prepare art teachers at the elementary, middle and high school levels in order to promote the role of the visual arts in learning; to nurture aesthetic sensitivity, to foster critical thinking abilities, and to develop visual literacy. Students may also work toward careers with other agencies and institutions such as community centers and art museums. The BFA degree is a prerequisite for initial teacher certification.


College of Education
Aderhold Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7101
Phone: 706/542- 6446

Academic Department

Lamar Dodd School of Art
270 River Road
Athens, GA 30602
Phone: 706/542-1511


Graduate Coordinator

Mary Pearse


The work taken for the degree does not need to be consecutive and may be taken in the summer. In-service course work, special weekend classes and UGA classes at the centers in Gwinnett, Dahlonega and elsewhere may also be taken. At the completion of 12 hours of graduate study, the student must pass a continuance examination administered by the art education faculty before being admitted as a candidate for the degree.

During the final semester of the program of study, the candidate must pass a final oral examination administered by the art education faculty. A student must enroll for a minimum of 3 hours of credit the semester in which degree requirements are completed.



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