Anthropology (PhD)

Degree: Doctoral Degrees

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The Department of Anthropology offers a program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy in anthropology. These graduate programs reflect training in basic anthropological knowledge and the department's focus on environmental and ecological anthropology.


Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Old College
Athens, GA 30602-1732
Phone: 706/542-3400

Academic Department

Baldwin Hall
Athens, GA 30602-1619
Phone: 706/542-3962


Graduate Coordinator

Bram Tucker


Training focuses on the role of anthropology as a discipline in understanding the human-environment interface, both past and present, and from a cross-cultural perspective. The doctoral program also provides students with the flexibility to attain interdisciplinary training in other academic areas relevant to understanding issues of sustainable human ecosystems. Relevant academic areas for coursework within the university can be found in the Institute of Ecology, the Environmental Ethics Program, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Daniel B. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, and allied disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences. Graduates of the program should be qualified for teaching, research, or applied employment opportunities. Requirements for the PhD degree include satisfactory performance on written and oral comprehensive examinations, fulfillment of a research skills requirement, language requirement, and an approved dissertation which reflects the student's specialization and the departmental focus.

Students are admitted and begin the PhD program only during Fall semester. No new admissions are permitted in the Spring semester.

Prospective students must complete the application process by January 1.

(Please contact Margie Floyd,, for information including course offerings.)



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