Agricultural Leadership (MAL)

Degree: Masters Degrees

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The Master of Agricultural Leadership (MAL) degree is designed for students who wish to gain in-depth knowledge and increased skill level in the field of leadership and leadership development, cooperation, negotiation, conflict resolution, and issues debate. Candidates must complete an approved program of 36 semester hours of graduate work. Both thesis and non thesis options are available. Applications are accepted for FALL TERMS ONLY.


College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Conner Hall
Athens, GA 30602-7501
Phone: 706/542-3924

Academic Department

Agricultural Leadership, Education and Comm
109 Four Towers
Athens, GA 30602-4355
Phone: 706/542-3898


Graduate Coordinator

Nicholas E. Fuhrman


Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication (ALEC) is a diverse, multi-disciplinary department. The teaching, research, and outreach programs of ALEC are aimed at developing and supporting professionals for leadership, teaching, and communication in the agricultural and environmental fields.

About Us: The department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication (ALEC) offers multi-disciplinary teaching, research and outreach programs aimed at developing and supporting professionals for leadership, teaching, and communication in the agricultural and environmental fields.

For students, we offer personal attention and a challenging, yet supportive learner-centered educational environment. Our college and the ALEC department offer a small school atmosphere amidst the abundant opportunities and resources at the thriving University of Georgia. We offer a solid curriculum designed to prepare undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

Our faculty are highly rated for their teaching, research, and outreach programs in teacher education, extension education, leadership development, service learning, program development and evaluation, internationalization of the curriculum, distance education, information and technology transfer, and organizational/community change and problem solving skills.

Our Mission: To enhance the leadership capacity for the food, fiber, and natural resource systems through the development and implementation of teaching, research and outreach in the disciplines of leadership, education, and communication.

The mission will be accomplished through efforts in four major areas as identified as crucial to the mission of the department.

� Develop professionals who will provide leadership for agricultural and environmental systems on local, state, national, and international levels.

� Prepare leaders who will provide education in and about food, fiber, and natural resource systems through the public school systems, the Cooperative Extension Service, and other related agencies and organizations.

� Prepare professionals in agricultural communication (journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations, sales, telecommunication) to provide information dissemination, marketing in agribusiness, government agencies, educational and non-profit centers and institutes, and media outlets.

� Create and disseminate new knowledge concerning the educational process in agricultural leadership, education, and communication through research and development.



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