Integrated Life Sciences Program (PhD)

Degree: Interdisciplinary Degrees

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The University of Georgia Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) Program offers graduate students pursuing a doctoral degree opportunities to explore different areas of life sciences research before selecting a home department and research focus. A hallmark of this competitive UGA graduate program is its emphasis on interdisciplinary research by faculty and students.


Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Old College
Athens, GA 30602-1732
Phone: 706/542-3400

Academic Department

Integrated Life Sciences

Athens, GA 30602
Phone: 706/542-3400


Graduate Coordinator

Walter K. Schmidt


The Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) program involves over 150 faculty and 10 PhD graduate programs. The faculty, departments, and thematic research areas associated with this program are listed on the ILS website ( In addition to strong academic credentials, applicants to the ILS program typically have a strong interest in one of our thematic Interdisciplinary Research Groups ( ILS aims to defer the costs of education and maximize the amount of time that its students have to conduct research activities. Thusly, all admitted ILS students receive a Fall term non-teaching assistantship and pay a reduced tuition of only $25 per semester. After a set of Fall term research rotations, students select a sponsoring advisor/lab for thesis research. ILS graduate students are then required to meet all the doctoral degree requirements associated with the graduate program in which the thesis advisor participates.



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